Great Britain

I would like to talk about Britain’s place in the European Community! Firstly, I’m not a staunch nationalist, yet I don’t understand why Britain has never been afforded a special place in the European Community, despite the fact it wasn’t a founding member of the original EEC. Prime Minister David Cameron, and by the way his predecessors, should not have to fight tooth and nail for favourable changes/concessions to Britain’s continued membership. Changes favouring Britain should be handed to it on a plate! We should be revered! But why you may ask? Well, Britain spearheaded the fight against Germany and Nazism in not one, but two world wars, conflicts this country entered into reluctantly! Yes, British armed forces saved Europe twice! Sure we couldn’t have achieved this without American help, but let us not forget, US forces didn’t enter into World War One until April 1917 and World War Two until December 1941, in both cases 3-years after the commencement of hostilities!

Frankly I’ve never quite understood why Britain’s rulers ever wanted to enter into a primarily commercial partnership with, historically speaking, some of our country’s deadliest of enemies…France, Germany, Spain and Italy? Perhaps the only thing that saved us from invasion was a 22-mile stretch of water that separated Britain from mainland Europe.

Thanks to the persistence of Britain’s Europhile, French-speaking Prime Minister, Edward Health, Britain entered the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1973 after our two previous applications to join…1963 and 1967…were rebuffed by French President and Britain hater, Charles de Gaulle, who never forgave the British for saving France twice! It must have been humiliating! It has been suggested de Gaulle feared English would suddenly become the common language of the community. If that was so, would the man had preferred that all French speakers learned German had they been conquered? If memory serves, didn’t General Charles de Gaulle spent almost the entire World War Two in Britain, along with his Free French Army? And whose stupid idea was it to let de Gaulle and his army enter Berlin in triumph ahead of the British, Americans and Russians? It is true you know, no good deed ever goes unpunished! In my humble opinion, Britain would have been in a far stronger position to leave the EU any time before the 2008 worldwide financial disaster. Should Britain still pull out and go it alone again? Now that’s a very difficult question to answer! Sadly the ‘Great’ has gone out of Great Britain!


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