Eighteenth century Scottish physician, James Lind was said to have cured deadly scurvy in the Royal Navy…a deficiency of vitamin ‘C’…by suggesting the addition of citrus fruits to sailors diets. Ever since then we have been told by doctors and nutritionists of the importance of vitamin ‘C’ in all of our diets. Even as recently as 5-years ago there was a British Government campaign to persuade everyone to eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day to maintain a healthy body. Now imagine my surprise when I read about researchers from Brown University in Rhode Island, whose study…based upon 100,000 participants’ lifestyle factors…and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, that melanoma risk ‘may be’ 36% higher in those who consumed fruit or juice at least 1.6 times a day, which you will agree, is not a lot! Apparently grapefruits and orange juice are the worst culprits. Based upon regular ‘reports’, it would seem to me everything we put in our mouths ‘may be’ cancerous! Meanwhile, findings published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, based upon studies by researchers at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, state that a daily glass of grapefruit juice will protect us against heart disease!? Perhaps the way forward is to restrict research grants into nutrition! 


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