English: The interior of St Mary-le-Bow; histo...

English: The interior of St Mary-le-Bow; historical church in the City of London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare condition which damages the part of the brain that controls speech and word formation. The cause is head trauma following a stroke, a severe blow, or even a migraine. There are only 60 recorded cases of the condition.

Recently, Sarah Colwill, a 35-year-old British woman, now speaks with a Chinese accent after suffering an extreme migraine.
Wendy Hasnip, from Yorkshire, speaks with a French accent after a stroke in 1999. Judi Roberts from Indiana suffered a stroke in 1999 and now speak with an English accent.

In February 2004 a woman raised in New York, but living in Dallas, Texas, suffered 24-hour paralysis following an allergic reaction to an iodine injection. She later spoke with a Russian accent.

I wonder if Manchester United striker WAYNE ROONEY’S severe head injury he picked up in training during an unfortunate incident with Phil Jones will cause the man to speak with an ENGLISH accent?

As far as I am aware, no one had yet awoke from a coma speaking in COCKNEY rhyming slang. I wonder what they would sound like?

“I was woken up by my painful Shetland Isles (piles), had a butcher’s hook (look) at the trouble & strife (wife) and decided I needed King Lear (Beer). I jumped out of bed, picked up the dog & bone (phone) and dialled friend Richie. He wasn’t at home. Right then I thought, I’ll be on me Jack Jones (alone), but no matter. I slipped on my strides, daisy roots (boots) too, checked my Barnet Fair (hair) and went out the Bobby Moore (door). ‘Would you Adam & Eve it’ (believe it) I thought, digging my hand in my trouser pocket, I didn’t ‘ave an Abergavenny (penny) on me. That’s the trouble with being on the Adrian Mole (dole), I didn’t have dosh for a King Lear (Beer) or a Ruby Murray (curry). It was gonna be Acker Bilk (Milk) for me today!”

*According to tradition a true Cockney must be born within earshot of the sound of Bow Bells. St Mary-le-Bow is a historic church in the City of London on the main east-west thoroughfare, Cheapside.

My theory regarding foreign accent syndrome is…while laying on a hospital bed in a coma, a patient may be attended by a variety of foreign-speaking nurses. A patient may pick up the accent of one of the non-English-speaking attendants?


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