unexploded bomb

Thousands of shoppers were evacuated from the Westfield shopping centre in west London after an unexploded Second World War bomb was found at a building site. Why even the BBC Television Centre staff were evacuated. Every so often a German bomb is discovered and parts of central London are brought to a standstill until Army bomb disposal experts make the ordnance safe. Really, after 75-years, what are the chances any bomb is still active? Almost zero! I appreciate German engineering is good, but not that good! Surely after 75-years, any explosive element will have degraded or evaporated to the point where children could use it as target practice. F**k me, a crane could probably use the unexploded bomb on the end of a chain to knock down a condemned building! Hey, even if the bomb did go off, the explosion would probably only blow off bystanders eyebrows, and since most women pluck them anyway, no one would have a beef, right?


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