God 2

Christian groups have criticised BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme’s broadcaster John Humphrys over the sneering tone of his questions about Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron’s faith. Now I don’t know about the rest of the world, or even the rest of the Western World, but here in Britain I doubt an electorate would ever vote into ‘high office’ a self-confessed atheist, despite the fact only 1% of the Christian-born population ever attend church on a regular basis! Isn’t that strange? From research I’ve undertaken, even other faith groups would feel uncomfortable with an atheist Prime Minister. Apparently any party leader seeking to be Prime Minister must believe in the Almighty!? We Brits are closer to electing a black man into 10 Downing Street than ever before. Whereas no one quite wants a ‘full-blooded’ Jew to occupy Number ’10’, I suspect he or she would be preferable to one who does not believe God exists, or that the existence of an afterlife is piffle. I do wonder whether regular Temple goers have considered the harm 2000-years of organised religions whose leaders claim to speak on behalf of God have done to humanity? After all, how can one nation’s army invade another nation without the claim ‘ours is a righteous act’ and has the backing of our God? Me? Well, if God does exist, I’m convinced he has, and will continue to, ration intelligence!


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