internetWell, emotions run high, don’t they? My connection fails about once a month, usually when I’m researching something or writing a post. It feels like someone is stepping on my umbilical cord to the worldwide web. How did I survive pre-internet? I guess I read more and had more outside interests. Whether one is young or old, if you have become reliant upon cyberspace for information, when your connection becomes broken, it is kind of like a betrayal. What happens if something momentous occurs while you’re offline? What if someone is trying to contact you, in my case, a literary agent? Best not to panic. Rest assured your server will come back online and your connection will be re-established. The Internet is not life or death, so if you too find yourself temporarily cut off from the web, stick a favourite album on and chill, because you’re not going to miss the end of the world. It is unlikely to be shown ‘live’ anyway!


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