stdsGeneral debauchery seems to be the answer, at least for the young! Vying for the new number one spot is the idyllic fishing port and resort of Gallipoli in Puglia, Italy. The newspaper La Repubblica declared Gallipoli to be ‘the capital of sex, alcohol and drugs’, and  ‘a Sodom-and-Gomorrah-by-sea’. Meanwhile the Citizens Committee for the Liberation of Gallipoli referred to the ‘louche’ behaviour of tourists as ‘il degrado’ (the degradation). Clearly the resort businesses want the Euros visitors bring to the place, but not the bad behaviour that accompanies the ‘big spend’. Of course you could be one of the one million visitors who descend on Newquay in Cornwall. Apparently their pockets are stuffed with £124million a year and are happy to leave it in Newquay so long as the 19,000 residents are prepared to put up with violence, criminal damage, sex up against a tree, or on the beaches, public drunkenness, urination, defecation and drug taking. Now remember my ‘darlings’, never shit on your own doorstep! But let’s not leave out ‘old faithful’, Magaluf in Spain, where British youth having been visiting for years to let down their hair and their country’s reputation. So there you have it folks, three accessible places to visit should you wish to behave in an unacceptable fashion. Hey, better a place has a reputation for debauchery than no reputation at all, right? I bet there are some tourist destinations teetering on bankruptcy green with envy!


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