cannabis poster

While police throughout England & Wales are being urged to end the blanket criminal prosecution of growers, turning a blind eye to all ‘small scale’ production, Tesco supermarket chain, desperate to recapture the coveted number 1 spot on the high street, are coming out with a range of cannabis products to be marketed under its ‘finest’ range: ‘Cannabis & coriander soup’, ‘cannabis & mix-veg stir-fry’, ‘sandalwood & cannabis fresh air spray’, cannabis & lemon grass josticks’, ‘cannabis & menthol lozenges’. Prosecutions are imminent! Meanwhile, the Alhambra High Colonic Clinic in Chiswick, West London, are offering regular customers for a limited time only, an ‘infusion’ of liquified cannabis at the same price as wheatgrass. It remains to be seen whether this extraordinary treatment will become the ‘enema of the people’. I say, bottoms up!


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