New Scotland Yard

London’s Metropolitan Police Force has failed miserably in recent years in attracting candidates from ethnic minority groups, the aim, to best represent our multicultural metropolis. As from this week, only bi-lingual candidates will be considered as potential police officers, and before you ask, no, Cockney rhyming slang won’t count! But it looks like I’m the perfect candidate! I can speak fluent Klingonese, although don’t whatever you do ask me to write down any Klingon Empire recipes for Rokeg Blood Pie or Gagh Stew. So the next time a Klingon ‘bird of prey’ land in Regent’s Park, it is likely to be I who saves the day and receives a police commendation, although I doubt I’ll be receiving the award at New Scotland Yard. That has been sold off to be turned into an hotel!


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