3-D missiles

Oh joy, oh bliss, I think I need a pissPOD, 3-D missile! Raytheon Missile Systems, an aerospace and defence company based in Arizona, have printed almost every component of a missile, including rocket engines, fins and parts of the guidance and central nervous systems. It is only a matter of time before cheap missiles printed-on-demand will be available to print by machine in the field, thus ending thousands of years of warfare where invading armies must rely upon supply chains to restock them with armaments before pushing further forward into enemy territory. How cool is that!

Moreover, I can see a use for POD 3-D missiles in civilian life too! If we could all print affordable missiles from the comfort of our own homes, neighbourhood disputes could be resolved without the need to engage a costly lawyer to plead our cause in court. Bombing the f**k out of our ghastly neighbours would also go a long way towards reducing society’s reliance on legal aid, while at the same time offer work to architects, structural engineers and builders. Mark my words, affordable 3-D printers will soon be on everyone’s Christmas list. How cool is that!!

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