john bercowJohn Bercow, Speaker of the House of Commons, has quite rightly been rebuked by the Treasury for spending £172:00 on a chauffeur driven car to take him 0.7 mile from Parliament to Carlton House Terrace to open a conference. Bearing in mind the gentleman does not warrant a limo for security reasons, why on earth didn’t Mr Bercow hail a black cab for £15:00, of which there must be many around Parliament? The Speaker also ordered a chauffeur driven car to take him 1.5 miles to the Dorchester Hotel to attend a dinner organised by the charity Stonewall. That tiny journey cost taxpayers £144:00. It seems to me politicians are quite content to spend our money, but wouldn’t dream of spending their own money in similar circumstances. They would consider the costs outrageous! We are told by the Prime Minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, cutbacks must be made in public services in order to balance the Government’s books, but clearly these cutbacks must be made by us, not by them! Meanwhile, MPs have received a 10% wage rise, amounting to £7,000 a year. Apparently very few MPs wanted to take it, stating their hands were tied. There was no parliamentary mechanism by which they could refuse the increase? How ridiculous! MPs can vote to introduce any number of laws that defeat Democracy, and vote to invade another country, but they remain unable to vote down their own wage rise!? Is it any wonder train drivers, teachers, nurses and other public servants go on strike when offered a poultry 2% wage rise! We the public fulfil the dual roles of taxpayers and the electorate, yet we appear to have very little power once we elect a political party into office. Why is that?

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