lord john sewel

I guess by now the entire world has read about the now disgraced, married, Lord John Sewel, 69, who was caught up in the Rupert Murdock owned ‘Sun on Sunday’ sting. The Deputy Speaker of the House of Lords and Chairman of the Lords’ Privileges and Conduct Committee was allegedly videoed snorting coke with £200 a night prostitutes in a drug-fuelled sex romp in his flat at Nelson House, Dolphin Square, Pimlico. In the 45-minute video the man is heard to say, “I just want to be lead astray.” Well he certainly got his wish, didn’t he? Is Lord Sewel morally bankrupt, or is he merely suffering a mid-life crisis? Frankly, my sympathies are with the man who has clearly fallen from grace and not with the taxpayers who funded the sordid affair. As the overseer of standards of behaviour of peers sitting in the Upper Chamber, it is obviously encumbered on Lord Sewel to actually experience degeneracy first hand before pointing the finger at anyone else’s louche conduct. In effect, the man was conducting research, and I’m sure Sewel didn’t enjoy one little bit of it! That said, it doesn’t explain, when searching Sewel’s flat, police discovered bound and gagged…a billy-goat and a baby seal? Lord Sewel has since resigned from all of his positions in order to take up the new Government post of…Drug Czar! Bearing in mind the gentleman was awarded a ‘CCSBE’ in 1984, I do feel Lord Sewel is eminently qualified to root out the evils of drugs in society. What I hear you ask is the difference between a ‘CBE’ and a ‘CCSBE’? A ‘CBE’ is a ‘Commander of the British Empire’, whereas theCCSBE’ is a ‘Commander of the Coke Snorting British Empire’, and is awarded to very few. I wish Lord Sewel good luck in all his new ventures!


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