stop theif

Several UK police constabularies that aim to ‘serve & protect’ citizens are no longer prepared to send police officers out to investigate a domestic burglary unless it’s an ‘aggravated’ burglary. Between staffing cuts and budget cuts, the police prefer to allocate their resources to detecting and solving major crimes such as cyber crime and drug trafficking that supposedly have a much greater impact on society as a whole. As long as you have contents insurance, all that is required of you is to make a phone call, get a crime number, then contact your insurance company. Quite honestly, it is no longer cost-effective for the police to investigate a domestic burglary where goods to the value of say a couple of thousand pounds are stolen. The cost of investigation, arresting the thief, processing him and trying him, could reach £30,000, only for the burglar to receive a suspended sentence. I get it, I really do! The ’emotional’ cost of having your home invaded by a stranger and losing treasured family heirlooms, is something you must bear in silence!


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