Mirror mirror on the wall

Well it certainly ain’t me! Thanks to a research project funded by the EU, Scientists at Semeoticons are developing an ‘intelligent mirror’ that can spot signs of illness simply by examining our face. The ‘Wize Mirror’ will use a variety of sensors and 3-D scanners to keep track of whether we are at risk of diabetes, heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. The very hi-tech gizmo will measure fatty tissue, gauge our heart rate and even spot symptoms of stress or depression. Its ‘multi-spectral imaging’ system uses five cameras tuned to five different wavelengths to analyse circulation and skin tissue for build-up of cholesterol. The device also has a gas sensor that analyses breath for chemical indicators of how much the user is drinking or smoking. Finally, after 7-minutes, the user gets a health score. Jeez Louise, after 7-minutes of all that I’d need a whiskey and a cigarette! If the outcome is less than rosy, perhaps the Wize Mirror could flash up a message, such as, “You’re fucked, so you might as well pick out a plot!” If in say 50-years or so there’s a Wize Mirror in every home, perhaps the days of throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and rushing out to the pub will be well and truly over? In any event, I feel certain the intelligent mirror will turn out to be a hypochondriac’s wet dream!


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