Lady Penelope

In order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds, filmed of course in ‘Supermarionation’, Lady Penelope, Virgil Tracy and brains are hoping to reprise the roles…in original puppet form…in three new episodes, and all thanks to Stephen La Riviere and his Kickstarter campaign, which has thus far raised £150,000, enough to make 2 episodes. There are just a few days remaining to raise the full £195,000 required to make all 3 episodes.

In the politically correct climate in which we are currently forced to live…God forbid anyone, anywhere is offended by a single word uttered…I do hope the puppets are allowed to portray their characters with no strings attached! Personally, I have fond memories of Thunderbirds, particularly with posh totty Lady Penelope Crighton-Ward, 26, the Roedean educated supermodel and secret agent, affiliated to FAB (Federal Agents Bureau) and later, International Rescue. Although her performances were sometimes considered, well, a bit wooden, she was the first marionette I got my wood out for! Oh happy days!


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