spray-on condom

A spray-on condom called ‘Girlplay’, that acts much like a spray-on bandage (eg, NewSkin), has been designed by Michele Chu, a student at Pratt Institute in New York. Male users must spray the can onto their erect penis and wait up to 2-minutes for a seal to form before engaging in sexual activity. Female users can lie down, squat or sit and spray Girlplay onto their willing vaginas. Sounds like a brilliant idea, however, I can envisage two possible problems. Sperm velocity is one! Can highly sexed individuals break the seal, and two, taste! After penetration, will a female partner encounter a noxious taste when showing post-penetration, oral appreciation? Perhaps a flavoured spray might solve that particular problem, but not banana flavoured. I hate bananas! Surely a more appropriate name for the aerosol might be…Chu-Me?


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