diplomatic immunity

Since embassies are considered sovereign land and cannot be entered, have you ever considered what perverted and deviant acts might be taking place in them? Recently seven Gambian diplomats who used their London Kensington Court embassy as a front for selling more than 500,000 pouches of tax-free tobacco have been found guilty at Southwark Crown Court of cheating the UK taxpayer out of nearly £4.8million. Those involved ordered 29 tonnes of Old Holborn and Golden Virginia rolling tobacco, transformed the London Gambian Diplomatic Mission into a tobacconist store, culminating in smokers queuing outside to bag a bargain! Huh, what mischief must be going on in other embassies? Perhaps an ambassador with a particularly sweet tooth is laying on top of a life-size woman made entirely of Belgium chocolate? I wonder if he will ever find the ‘sweet spot’? Other ‘dips’ might be lounging around sipping 200-year-old Napoleon brandy, plotting the downfall of the United Kingdom! Hey, for all we know, cash-strapped foreign ‘dips’ might be supplying illicit narcotics to half of London and the suburbs thanks to those untouchable diplomatic bags! In my view Diplomatic immunity has always been abused!


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