One of my mother’s friends, we’ll call her Mrs ‘X’ for the purposes of this post, is retired spiritual healer and meditation expert who also claims to be an expert on the subject of alternative medicine. Consequently whenever my mother mentions she is under the weather, this so-called expert on ‘earth cures’ but with no medical qualifications, is quick to recommend a diluted concoction that has no health benefits whatsoever. Mrs ‘X’ even has the cheek to suggest I look her recommendation up on the internet for further information. Whenever I do undertake research in order to fill in the blanks of Mrs ‘X’s knowledge, either nothing recommended seems to be appropriate, or one must weigh-up ‘side-effects’. The next time my mother complains of a sore throat, I fully expect Mrs ‘X’ to recommend swallowing a sliver of beech wood covered in cinnamon or paprika! It is amazing how some people with such little knowledge have such a high opinion of themselves! Nature’s cures only work when they are not diluted!


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