Cecil the lion

In a speech marking ‘Heroes’ Day’, honouring fighters who died ending white minority rule, which by the way, plunged the country into even greater poverty, the champion of ‘inhuman’ rights, 91-year-old Zimbabwean dick…dictator, President Robert Mugabe, criticised his own people for failing to protect Cecil the lion, killed by an American in an alleged illegal hunt. Pres Mugabe said; “Zimbabweans should protect their natural resources from ‘foreign vandals’“. Well hold the f**king phone Joan! Didn’t Mugabe allow the Chinese to destroy hundreds of acres of forestland in order to build a runway so that the inscrutable Orientals could fly Zimbabwean diamonds out of the country in exchange for among other things, arms, which are used to keep Zimbabweans down? Like Mugabe gives a f**k about a lion! He used Heroes Day as just another opportunity to slam the Americans. How many hunting licenses have Zimbabwean civil servants handed out for envelopes bursting with US Dollars? If only Zimbabwe had oil, Mugabe would be dead by now! It is not just cream that rises to the surface. So does scum!!


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