Moving house? Well don’t forget to take your late, great-aunt Matilda with you! The Ecclesiastical Judges Association…of the Church of England…are apparently becoming inundated with requests to exhume the physical remains and the cremated remains of the dearly departed from consecrated ground, by relatives who move house, and presumably to another county. With up to 25 applications being made a week, this relocation trend for reasons of convenience has become ‘almost a fashion’. This ‘exhumation on demand’ may mean ‘a final resting place’ is not necessarily so final after all? Hey, it’s good to know people still care though, isn’t it? For those individuals who become terminally ill, and do not wish to one day be disinterred, perhaps it might be a jolly good idea to add a codicil to their wills. “After I’m buried, please leave the following sign above my headstone…‘Do not disturb under any circumstances!’


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