I love jazz

Three of my favourite jazz saxophonists of all time are Stan Getz (died aged:64), Charlie Parker (died aged:34) and British ‘genius’, Tubby Hayes (died aged:38). From what I’ve read, all three men were drug addicts, which meant while they had the time of their lives on stage, or in a recording studio, their lives out of the spotlight must have been a hell of a mess…addiction and all it brings to the table, such as physical and mental pain alongside euphoria, depression, broken relationships, estrangement from friends and siblings, and despite their great success, great debt. Thinking about it, ‘addiction’ must have played a part in the untimely demise of my heroes. And here I am, decades later, enjoying sensory overload while basking in my heroes genius! Does it really make any sense? It certainly makes a mockery of the saying: ‘If music be the food of love play on’. Several musicians, some maybe your heroes, have openly stated, without using heroin and dropping acid, many of their finest compositions would never have been written. It is said, drug abuse freed the minds, enabling a consciousness to experience the ‘abnormal’. What a terrible price to pay so that people like me can stick on headphones and chill!


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