French nation front

It has been revealed a candidate for the far-right French National Front who was elected as a councillor in Clermont Ferrand, is a killer who spent seven years in psychiatric hospitals. The revelation is apparently a deep embarrassment for party leader Marine Le Pen! This must be one of those rare examples where the sword is mightier than Le Pen!

Meanwhile, over in Finchley, North London, Slovakian Zsolt Mogyorodi has opened his Viking Thor Shop, specialising in the Neo-Nazis favourite clothes designer, Thor Steiner, a specialist clothing label that is banned in the German Bundestag and several football stadiums for its alleged links with far-right groups. The company’s original logo consisted of runes placed together to look like ‘SS’ insignia. In 2012 Thor Steiner named its new German store ‘Brevik’, allegedly in honour of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

The brand new Finchley store is only a 100 metres or so from the Chief rabbi’s office, and a similar distance away from the offices of the Islamic Association of North London. When it comes to commercial premises, the golden rule is always…location, location, location! If Mr Mogyorodi picked his shop’s location specifically to be sandwiched between Jews and Muslims, then it was a brilliant move! The Viking Thor Shop…talked about on radio, internet, TV and newspapers…has now benefited from millions of pounds worth of free publicity!

If anyone is interested, speaking as a Jew, I still wear my bespoke black underpants with silver lightning bolts on them together with ‘SS’ insignia, but in my case, ‘SS’ stand for Smoke Salmon. Folks, what can I say? I’m just a slave to fashion!


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