Stowe school

Top private co-educational UK boarding school in Buckinghamshire, £33,000-a-year Stowe, whose past alumni include Sir Richard Branson and the late actor, David Niven, is embroiled in a bit of a sex scandal! Apparently after one particular weekend this year, the medical staff ran out of the ‘morning-after pill’. No one knows quite what the catalyst was that caused the hormonal outbreak resulting in several pupils playing upper-class ‘hide the salami’, but at least the headmaster can’t complain his boarders aren’t getting enough exercise. Oh matron! Stowe, set in 750 acres of land, one would hope some of the students did it in al fresco? Talk about ‘high-class’ dogging! I’m sure it wasn’t just the medical supplies that were ‘exhausted’! One can only hope those young, sexual athletes go on to achieve PhDs in Biology!


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