A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un ...

A strawberry Français : une fraise Galego: un amorodo Italiano: una fragola Español: una fresa Nederlands: een aardbei Svenska: en jordgubbe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Strawberries may be synonymous with summer, but eaten all year round they can prevent heart attacks, a study suggests. Scientists found that three or more handfuls of strawberries or each week reduced the risk of heart attack in women by up to a third. It is said the fruit contain specific kinds of flavonoid plant compounds that appear to combat blocked arteries. I am here to tell you that as a man I would rather RISK a heart attack than put my faith in the strawberry. I HATE them! Without an outer skin they go off very quickly. They are either too hard and not at all sweet, or too soft and past their best. If you have to cover the fruit with refined sugar, what’s the point in eating strawberries? I would rather eat my own toenails. Hear my voice, don’t trust a strawberry. It will let you down. Strawberries aren’t the only fruit…thank God! Yeah, yeah, I hear you, ‘dipped in chocolate’ they’re F.A.B. I’ll give you that!


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