holiday selfie

According to the Financial Ombudsman, if you post holiday selfies on Twitter, and your home is burgled while you are away, your insurance claim may be rejected, because several insurance policies have a ‘reasonable care’ clause attached to them, which allows those who issue home contents policies to get out of paying since the property was effectively advertised as ’empty’. It is said, 75% of burglars use the internet to locate empty homes, and 43% of burglaries occur when homes are unoccupied. With 8-million people going on their annual holidays in August, think once and then once again before uploading holiday selfies! Of course there is nothing to stop you posting holiday snaps once you have returned home, after all, most postcards are delivered after you’ve returned from abroad anyway! I do wonder whether the ‘reasonable care’ clause attached to insurance policies applies to those of us who publish the time and place of a funeral? If a deceased’s home is burgled, will an insurance company cough up? Perhaps that is why individuals employ ‘sitters’?


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