low voltage

Homes that receive their renewable energy via wind turbines and other renewable energy sources may have their voltage lowered in order to reduce the strain on the National Grid. Voltage reduction has already been deliberately dipped by 3% for 1-hour at a time for 485,000 homes in the north-west of England. How does it affect you? A kettle will take 12-seconds longer to boil and lights will dim automatically, even before you’ve reached for the dimmer switch, the consequence of which might lead some homeowners to believe a poltergeist has trespassed onto their property! But what if 3% becomes 12%, and what if an hour becomes 4-hours? Will those householders starved of voltage receive financial compensation? Highly unlikely! Will voltage reduction affect TVs, computers, smartphone chargers, power tool battery chargers and sound systems? Will Barbra Streisand sound as if she’s suffered a stroke? I choose ‘high-voltage’ over low-voltage any day!


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