English: Breast normal anatomy cross-section w...

English: Breast normal anatomy cross-section with numbered legend arrows Español: Sección representativa normal de la anatomía del pecho con las flechas numeradas para una leyenda Deutsch: Normaler Anatomiequerschnitt der Brustes mit nummerierten Pfeilen Français : Vue en coupe anatomique et schématique d’un sein avec flèches numérotées pour une légende Polski: Schemat przekroju sutka (gruczołu mlecznego) kobiety w przekroju strzałkowym. Opis wg. legendy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to geneticist Steve Horvath, who has pioneered a technique to identify the biological age of human tissue, not all body parts age at the same rate. “Healthy breast tissue is about two to three years older than the rest of a woman’s body.” Well I didn’t need him to tell me that!  When women’s chesticles are not being sucked and gnawed at by babies, they are being sucked and gnawed at by grown men like me! Some people can be so damn selfish…I’m just glad I’m not one of them…ehem!

As it so happens ‘breast milk’ is in the news again! Ever since Pennsylvanian mum Jessica Anne Colletti uploaded a photo of herself breastfeeding her son and a ‘friend’s’ son, there has been a surge in online orders to purchase breast milk from lactating mothers, particularly from bodybuilders. While many mothers support the idea of ‘free’ peer-to-peer milk-sharing sites, there were more concerns about the burgeoning trend for ‘selling’ breast milk online. Some people believe the sale of such a libation should be banned and that it should only ever be offered free to families in need. Frankly, I had no idea breast milk could travel so far and wide? Well apparently, it can’t! According to research studies, 65% of samples obtained from breast milk sharing websites were tainted with staph: 35% with strep. Three-quarter of samples had various other bacteria inside.  I guess that’s why dairy milk is pasteurized! It can therefore be argued, breast is not best!

While most British dairy farmers find it impossible to earn a living, many of who are going ‘bust’, while others are giving away milk, or disposing of it, perhaps this is not the time to champion the benefits of human breast milk?



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