splash back paint

I mean of course, do you piss up against a wall when you’re caught short? Urine repellent paint has been developed to prevent such anti-social behaviour! Should you whip it out when drunk, you will find yourself covered in your own urine! Applied to public buildings in the red-light district of St. Pauli, Hamburg, it has proved so successful, the head of San Francisco’s public works department has already covered nine walls in the paint that makes it spray back on the offender. Surely it must be only a matter of time before the major of Magaluf covers the whole town with the stuff. Hoping to persuade UNESCO to award Benidorm with World Heritage Site status, Toni Perez, the mayor of Benidorm may follow suit? Mind you, at a cost of 500 euros to cover a mere 6 square mitres, it may not be possible to paint the town red! In any event, serial ‘piss-artists’ have been put on notice. ‘Don’t piss on my wall and tell me its raining’!


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