Uzbekistan Airways, whose motto is: ‘What goes up must come down, but not necessarily where or when you expect it’, is planning a pre-flight ‘weight-in’ for passengers and their hand luggage. UA management say it is purely for research purposes, however I have a sneaking feeling it is only a matter of time before major airlines…Ryanair…start charging ‘corpulent’ passenger over a certain weight for flying with them. Despite the recent fall in the price of oil, I expect the inevitable ‘blubber tax’ will be introduced within ten-years. For those of us who consume more than we should, we might consider flying ‘Economy ++’, or…cargo! Just because my eyes are bigger than my stomach, I for one am not prepared to pay a fat tax. If I can save myself £100 or so, I have no objection to flying alongside chimpanzees, legs of Iberico ham and medical grade radioactive isotopes!


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