give peace a chance

Regular Remembrance Days ceremonies are held around the world for major conflicts such as World War One and World War Two. Quite rightly these are solemn and thought-provoking occasions, and particularly so for individuals who sacrificed loved ones and for those who fought and lost comrades. I remain unaware of remembrance days for lesser known conflicts, of which there have been many! Indeed, hostilities continue today on most continents! It strikes me, no war is necessary because despite what you may have read, there is enough food and resources for everyone on the planet, as long as it is shared out in an equitable manner. And thereby lays the rub! Many of us in First World Countries eat too much, waste millions of tons of food each year and trillions of gallons of water. Meanwhile, millions of Third World inhabitants die of starvation and thirst! What causes the breakdown or order leading to war? Greed, or exorbitant profits, the thirst for power and religion! Why should ‘peace’ be held to ransom by a handful of religious fanatics and a handful of CEOs who determine their country’s foreign policy? Surly if everyone worked together instead of against one another, there would be more profit to be made in this harmonious existence? And no, my head is not in the clouds! ‘Coexistence’ is far more powerful a weapon than ‘resistance!’ What the world doesn’t need are any more billionaires, but what the world does need are far more leaders with a social conscience!


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