Jeremy Corbyn

I don’t suppose many people outside the UK have heard of the long-standing, left-wing Labour Member of Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn, who at the moment is the front-runner to be elected as the new Labour Party leader. Political commentators are saying, even if he is elected Labour leader, there is no chance of the Labour Party ever winning a general election with Mr Corbyn at the helm. Well, if history has taught us anything, it is this, never say never, because stranger things have happened!

Mr Corbyn has publicly stated, should he ever become Premier, he would among other things, renationalise the railways, forcing taxpayers to pay out huge sums in compensation to the private companies who presently run the railways. In line with his left-wing ideologies the gentleman holds so dear, Mr Corbyn would probably dump our nuclear deterrent, shrink the budgets for the Armed Services even further, pump huge sums into an already failing National Health Service, allow unfettered access to the UK by economic migrants, increase foreign aid, cap rents, abolish ‘zero-hour’ contracts, increase public spending generally, and increase taxes. As if we Brits aren’t already heavily in debt, having frightened off multi-nationals from having their headquarters here, Mr Corbyn will certainly borrow money. How much? At least a trillion pounds! Britain would become bankrupt, and frankly, I don’t want to be around to say ‘I told you so!’ Mr Corbyn, like so many other left-wing national leaders of the past, have never learned, you cannot provide for everyone. People must learn to fend for themselves, and those who can’t will always do without! Absolutely it is unfair, but that’s life! Market forces drive Western economies, and old-fashioned Socialist ideologies have no place in the modern world!


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