skimmed milk

As with parsley used as decoration on a plate which no one eats, there really is no place in society for skimmed milk. I challenge any café worker to froth it up to be used in a cappuccino or latte! If you’re lactose intolerant, well you may as well drink a glass of water! Recently my neighbour made me a coffee and apologised for only having skimmed milk. I said I’ll take it black, which is just the same as adding skimmed milk! If skimmed milk had never been invented, but someone appeared on Dragon’s Den, claiming he or she had invented the stuff, the dragons will undoubtedly have said, “Why bother?” Containing only 0.5% fat of whole milk, the vitamins ‘A’ and ‘D’ that are lost from milk when the fat is removed, are artificially added to skimmed milk. The calcium, potassium and casein protein can always be obtained from several other sources. As far as using the revolting stuff a dietary aid is concerned, semi-skimmed milk contains 1.7% fat, so not that much more than the fat content in skimmed milk. The miniscule difference in fat content is hardly likely to make significant inroads into the removal of your belly fat, now is it? Skimmed milk, why bother!


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