Life 6The f**k he does! Hey man, talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening! I’m still in my prime, and I’m going to stay in the ‘prime zone’! I’ve seen too many relatives and friends age prematurely and kick the bucket. Okay, I’ve got a bit of dry skin, but that’s the extent of my degeneration! I have no intention of suffering slack skin and under-performing organs! No way am I going to put myself in the hands of strangers, however well-intentioned they may be. If I must throw vitamins down my throat and insert ‘XXL’ mineral  suppositories my rear end, then so be it! Remember now, as long as one remains in good physical and mental health, age is just a number, and mine ain’t up! It is said, ‘Good health is money in the bank’. Naturally it is with some regret I must acknowledge so many of the banks went bust! Nevertheless, here I am, and here I’ll stay!!


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