vagina monologues

Whereas I can offer nothing but ‘positive’ feedback for the muscular, female genitalia, I do not like the name…vagina! I always confuse it with ‘Regina’ and ‘Virginia’. As I’m sure you all know, the term vagina is from the Latin word vaginae, meaning ‘sheath’ or ‘scabbard’. Yes well, enough said about that! They’ll be no jokes here about ‘velieris salami’ if you please! The actual reproductive organ might sit comfortably on my tongue, but ‘vagina’ definitely does not! This might go some way to explain why I’m so often embarrassed when saying it!? And no, before you ask, I don’t have too much time on my hands! Slang alternatives might be in common use, but most of them tend to denigrate the generously proportioned, complex, concave structure. I’ve scratched my brianbrain long and hard, but have yet to come up with a suitable replacement name for vagina. Lest you forget, renaming ceremonies are not without precedent! If you can think of anything suitable, do drop me a line! One final thought. Might this post be considered a vagina…analogue?


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