deer 2

My friend Brenda has a sick, giant poodle called Bronwyn. She suffers from Inflammatory Bowel Disease. In order to eliminate all types of foods she may have an allergy towards, Brenda must attempt to feed ‘Bron’ food she has never tried before. Next up? Fresh venison, at £6:00 a pound, or £65:00 a week! In order to get the price down, Brenda must buy in bulk. Knowing that I occasionally enjoyed a venison steak, she offered me one. Naturally I refused. “Sorry Brenda,” I said. “As much as I like venison, I’m not about to start eating dog food!”

Despite over 500,000 British deer being culled each year, out of a total population of 1,5 million deer, why is it British supermarkets import 1,300 tonnes of farmed, ‘substandard’ tasting New Zealand deer each year? Is it the price? If it is ‘price’, how can it be possible to import from thousands of miles away at a lower cost than providing British shoppers British deer? Is a cartel at work fixing the price? It is well-known that meat of any free-range animal will generally have a stronger and more satisfying flavour. Apparently, here in the UK there are over 74,000 collisions each year between free-running deer and vehicles, causing hundreds of injuries and 20 deaths. It has even been suggested deer culling should be increased to 50% of the UK deer population! Don’t blame the deer for accidental collisions! It is us who keep shrinking their natural habitats.


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