keep calm and indulge yourself

Governments, health authorities and university research fellows keep banging on about the dangers of drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, taking drugs and eating the wrong food. Some of your vices remain legal while others remain illegal. Over time, what was once illegal is now illegal, and what was once illegal is now legal! As long as your chosen vice does not harm others, you should be allowed to indulge, after all, it is your life, and no one should have the right to dictate how you behave and what you put in your body! After all, Life is a ‘private’ matter! Do be aware, if your body comes to harm, don’t expect free, first-class medical treatment, after all, you are technically self-harming! Only the other day I read a new report that suggests just one glass of wine a day increases the chance of women succumbing to a particular type of cancer!? Now if you were to keep all of life’s vices at arm’s length, effectively leading a life of complete moderation, life would drag, and by the time you’re stretched out on your death-bed, well, you may feel as if you’ve lived for 200-years!


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