european elections

Voters will decide Britain’s future in Europe by answering ‘remain‘ or ‘leave’ rather than ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the forthcoming 2016 referendum. This subtle change is likely to result in a different, if not closer result. I predict a 53% to 56% to remain in the European Union, with a 47% to 44% voting to leave.

Meanwhile, the European Union threatened to cut funding to countries like Britain unless they take more refugees! Here’s an idea, why the UK Government threaten to withhold some or all of the £10 billion annual fee taxpayers must pay in order to be a member of this ‘exclusive’ club? Why hasn’t any British Government minister ever piped up and said; “Since Britain has a land mass five times smaller than Italy, France, Spain and Germany, Britain will take as many or as few refugees as our country can ‘comfortably’ absorb!”


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