While much of the Christian West, ruled over by the bloated and corrupt European Union are forced to take in an unlimited number of refugees from among other places, Syria and Libya…hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions over the next ten years or so…why haven’t super rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates offered to take in their Muslim brethren? Answer, because the rulers of these oil/gas rich states don’t want to offer shelter to predominately uneducated, poor Muslims who won’t add value to their societies! Rich Arabs would much rather spend their ‘hard-earned’ money on buying up swathes of high-end properties in our capitals and gold-plating their Bentleys than saving a human life. Treasuring life must be one of the differences between the civilized Christian West and the uncivilized Middle East! And so what if they saved some of our high street banks from collapse. They didn’t do it for nothing! Given the choice, one would have thought refugees would feel more comfortable residing in Muslim Faith countries rather than in countries dominated by the Christian Faith?

When Western, military alliances enter a Muslim country, generally, we are first invited! Our intention is to replace tyranny with Democracy. Unfortunately ‘D’ is something the people have no real use for!

How far is ‘Christian charity’ supposed to stretch? Here in Britain the National Health Service has already reached breaking point, thanks in part to a decade of immigration. Why only this week, the NHS has dropped 16, life-extending cancer drugs from its ‘flagship’ Cancer Drug Fund. The Department for Education has withdrawn free school meals in order to save £600 million! Why should parents be forced to act fraudulently by lying about their permanent addresses in order to secure a preferred, local school place for their children? Thousands of school places have been taken up by immigrant children, whose parents have hardly paid anything into the system!

If immigration continues to go unchecked, radical preachers, of which there are many in the UK, will radicalize another generation of young Muslims men and women. Remember, it only takes one person to set off a bomb! In 30-years, full Sharia Law may be implemented in places like Birmingham and Leicester, a system of law under which honour killings and female genital mutilation have been tolerated for hundreds of years! In a 100-years whole swathes of Europe may be governed by Sharia Law, and Christians will wonder how it happened. Well, it happened yesterday, and is happening today and tomorrow!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel appears to be making political capital out of the tragic refugee crisis. She says Germany will take in at least 850,000 refugees? What the hell is Germany intending to do with them? Employ them, where? Listen, whichever EU member state takes in the greatest number, it will apply for ‘special funds’. In other words, the remaining 27 members states will have to pay up! So whether refugees come here or not, Britain must still cough up! The funny thing is, we will still vote to remain in the European Union next year. Go figure?

If you think I sound heartless, then put the shoe on the other foot! Do you honestly think for example, the Turkish people would look forward to millions of penniless Christian immigrants turning up on their doorstep with expectations of being fed and housed?


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