blue badge 1

Whereas Blue Plaques are erected on the walls of homes across the UK to celebrate the achievements of  dead celebrities mainly in fields of the Arts and Sciences, individuals who may only have been in residence long enough to change their minds, Blue (parking) Badges are issued by local authorities to individuals who are classed as ‘invalids’ and who can no longer walk great distances from vehicle to shop. Nearly 3-million people have been issued with the seriously valuable badges, which entitles the driver to park for free in pay-and-display bays and on double yellow lines. Plus they are exempt from the central London Congestion Charge. Anyone with a serious disability can apply for a blue badge. They don’t even have to drive themselves, but can nominate a designated driver. With the existence of draconian parking restrictions in the Capital, it is no wonder in recent years there have been numerous blue badge thefts and fraudulent application for such a prized possession. Thus, when it comes to a renewal application, local authorities look long and hard at an applicant’s continued need for a blue badge, and every application must be supported by a medical report. One must almost jump through hoops to be rewarded with a new blue badge, even if you cannot actually jump! So anyone with a temporary physical disability…heart, hip, back…don’t forget your doctor at Christmas…single malt and Belgium chocolates…otherwise you may find yourself walking the 500 yards from your car to the shopping mall, just like the rest of us! Thus, when your heart is once again beating to the rhythm of the night, rather than irregularly, don’t grasp your blue badge with both hands, give it up!


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