I’ve just moved homes, and I find I have no room, believe it or not, for an ironing-board, which is just as well, because I hate ironing! However, I do have room in the kitchen for a commercial-size, all-in-one sandwich press/Panini making machine. Talk about killing two birds with one stone, err, not that I ever would kill a bird with a stone. I much prefer someone else slitting a chicken’s throat and preparing it for my dinner table! Back to the commercial-size, stainless-steel sandwich press/Panini making machine! I figure, as long as I have wiped the machine clean after use, I can press my clothing in it! Now if you’re thinking of doing what I intend doing, for f**k sake do clean the machine down properly. The last thing you need is to go out clubbing with your slacks smelling of strong cheddar!


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