state of independence

Ever since the Scottish people voted in the Independence Referendum, the pro’s loosing out narrowly to the anti’s, there have been calls by other indigenous British pops dotted around the country for devolution from Westminster too. Cornwall wants independence, as does the counties of Yorkshire. Self-rule is all well and good, but if all Cornish folk started speaking ‘Kernowek’, the south-western, Britannic Celtic language, and the people of Yorkshire emphasized their broad Yorkshire dialect or ‘Tyke’, derived from Old English and Old Norse, no one outside the counties would ever know what was being said! What if parts of East London applied for self-rule? Why everyone would have to learn Cockney rhyming slang! Funny how some English people are happy to spearhead ‘local’ nationalism but not ‘national’ nationalism, if you know what I mean? Everyone wants money from Westminster, but no one wants to be told how and where to spend it! In which case, f**king raise it yourselves! Breaking up the United Kingdom in such a way would be nothing but an act of ‘hubris’ which would definitely not serve national interests! If history has taught us one thing, it is that ‘the whole is stronger than the sum of the parts’!!


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