solar power

Nearly one million households and schools will no longer be able to install solar power on their south-facing roofs after the government cut subsidies by a whopping 87%! The change, to be introduced in January 2016, will reduce the amount paid for solar electricity from 12.92p per kilowatt hour to a mere 1.63p. The cuts will not apply to solar panels that have already been installed, for which the payments have been fixed. No doubt there will be a rush by solar energy companies to sell as many packages as they can between now and January 2016, after which the domestic industry will be in permanent decline.

A spokesperson for the Department for Energy and Climate Change said; ‘The cuts in subsidies were necessary because spending on renewable energy schemes was running over budget and the only alternative would be to end generation tariffs for new applicants altogether.’  Meanwhile, the onshore and offshore wind turbine industry has been the recipient of over £6 billion of public money, and it’s still not self-sufficient! As with eco-friendly cars, or hybrid cars, when too many have been sold, the road tax subsidy is withdrawn, as too is the London Congestion Charge. Too many people have installed solar power, and are making money out of selling excess kilowatts to the Nation Grid. I suggest lobbyists working on behalf of the big six energy firms have lobbied government ministers to end solar power subsidies!


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