badger 3

The UK’s highly controversial 2013 Somerset and Gloucestershire badger cull which ended with just over half of the planned 5,000 badgers being killed, cost the taxpayer…you and I…£7.3million in total. That works out to an astonishing £4,100 per badger. The animal charity Care for the Wild described the cull as ‘one of the most disastrous and expensive in history’. At £4,100 per badger, why it would have been cheaper to put the critters up in a bed & breakfast’. What a bloody fiasco! So successful was the badgers campaign in avoid being shot, they adopted an anthem, and it is…yes, you guessed it…’Going Underground’ by Paul Weller, late of The Jam!

Not to be deterred by the failed badger cull, and in a continued effort to stop the spread of TB to cows, the Government intends extending the wholesale slaughter of the black & white critters to Dorset, where it is reckoned snipers will shoot dead up to 800 badgers in the first 6-weeks! Some people appear to have a hard-on for badgers. I have a funny feeling institutionalised racism is responsible for this wave of anti-badger sentiment sweeping the countryside and the corridors of Whitehall. I wonder, if the badgers where either wholly white or wholly black, would the farmers and their lobbyists so readily go after them? Game, sett and match? Let’s hope not!



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