shut that door

Now that some EU member states have been shocked at the numbers of migrants crossing into their countries, they’ve shut their borders and brought back passport checks. Well, Christian charity can only stretch so far, right? Germany, Austria, Finland, the Netherlands, Slovakia and the Czech Republic have been over-whelmed by the numbers of immigrants trying to get into their countries. France, Belgium and Poland are about to shut their borders too. Why there have even been demonstrations in Poland. Really? Since most of the Poles are over here in the UK, one would have thought there is plenty of room over there to re-home migrants fleeing war-torn regions? Well, so much for Angela Merkel stating Germany would take in 850,000 strangers! I bet the German Chancellor is biting her tongue right about now! F**king politicians don’t know what they’re doing! Only David Cameron said he didn’t want to take in any migrants, particularly when he was told 2 in every 100 Syrian migrants smuggled into Europe are Islamic State-trained fanatics. I do wonder how anyone could possibly come up with a figure like that? Perhaps a poll was taken at various border crossings? “Hello young man, are you a genuine refugee, or are you in fact an Islamic State-trained fanatic?” Or, “Is that an IED in your pocket or you merely pleased to see me?”


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