black forest cake

The other day I happened to bump into old school friend Garry with two ‘R’s’ Wilson. “Did you ever make it as a sci-fi writer,” I asked. Garry with two ‘R’s’ used to bang on interminably about his dream of  writing a series of novels about colonists on Mars even though Ray Bradbury had already done it!

Garry mentioned he was a professor of astrophysics. He also boasted he was a published essayist, had written theses, treatises and a couple of novellas, but hadn’t actually written a full-length novel. F**king lazy bastard! “So David, what are you up to? Did you ever exercise ‘your’ artistic bent?” (Who the f**k was he calling bent!) I replied, “As a matter of fact I too am a published author. My latest thriller is about cake, specifically, the disappearance of a Black Forest Gateau!” I really do hate bumping into people I haven’t seen for years. They are so judgemental!


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