snooping 4

A few months ago I read an article that suggested Russian hackers had the ability, through spyware, to remotely switch on our laptop cameras and watch us in our own homes! I wasn’t entirely convinced, until that was, it recently happened to me! Whilst blogging I noticed the red-eye was on. I can’t tell you how mortified I was! I immediately ran into the bathroom, shaved, brushed my teeth and washed my hair, before returning to my work station. Well, one must look one’s best, even for strangers!

Meanwhile, according to two independent reports, one by Women’s Aid, and the other by the Digital Trust, the use of surveillance software by abusive spouses to secretly monitor the phones and computers of their partners has reached epidemic proportions. Helplines and women’s refuge charities have reported a dramatic rise in the use of ‘spyware’ apps to eavesdrop on the victims of domestic violence, enabling abusers to clandestinely read texts, record phone calls and view or listen in on victims in real-time without their knowledge. Hey buddy, ‘trust’ is a two-way street. Unfortunately the street has surveillance cameras in it too!

Now it appears care home surveillance technology could enable relatives to check up on residents via their smartphones and provide live footage for expert monitors to look out for cases of abuse and malpractice. Has this got something to do with the fact England is bottom of the league of EU member states when it comes to caring for the elderly? It strikes me, we are becoming distrustful of everyone around us. So the next time you think you can hear a mosquito, it may well turn out to be a neighbour’s drone. Thanks to new, inexpensive surveillance technology at our fingertips, many of us are in danger of becoming PARANOID!



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