Apple iPhone

My girlfriend asked me to buy her a vibrator for her up-coming birthday. Presumably I no longer satisfy her, or perhaps I never did? In any event, I researched the product and came upon a list of ‘best vibrators/dildos’. By all means, please feel free to use my research to your benefit! In the category of sex toys in a leading role’, you may wish to sample: The G-Swirl (dildo), the Gigi, the Water Dancer, the Rabbit Habit and the Hitachi Magic Wand, that contrary to popular belief, was never ever used in any of the Harry Potter movies!

Now if funds are short, yet you are desperate to reach Nirvana, a vibrating smartphone will do just as well, and this applies to men as well as women! So there is some truth in that adage after all‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’. Now what’s the worst that can happen? Shit, your mother phones while you are masturbating! How the f**k are you going to live that down?


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