VW 1

Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist the tongue-twister! Talk about being ‘under the cosh’! Volkswagen have certainly kicked in one of the most expensive own goals in corporate history! Fancy putting out false data surrounding their diesel car emissions? ‘Das Auto’, I think not! The US Government, the World Health Authority and the International Council on Clean Air have all trained their guns on VW and its false carbon dioxide claims. Having lost 20% of its share value, and having to set aside several billion euros in order to pay fines and law suits for compensation, it may well be VW will have to sell off some or all of its prized marques: Bentley, Lamborghini, Porsche, Bugatti, Audi, Seat and Skoda. Why VW may even have to throw Bundesliga football club VFL Wolfsburg into the pot too!

Volkswagen should have known better than to have tried to pull the wool over American eyes. The American Administration remains positively anal when it comes to clean air! Why the US Air Force have even fitted catalytic converters to all their nuclear missiles in order to cut down on harmful emissions. Cutting down on greenhouse gases still doesn’t make nukes environmentally friendly in my book! So rest assured, the future is still bright, bright orange! By the way, only the other day Pope Francis’s Fiat 500L failed an emissions test, forcing him to travel America by Greyhound bus! Err, perhaps now might be the time to buy a VW? I bet there are going to be some fantastic deals!


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