running shoes 2

It was hoped the 2012 London Olympics would have encouraged thousands of people of all ages to take up a sport. It didn’t! Similarly the 2014 Commonwealth Games held in Scotland failed to prise a significant number of people out of their sofas. Never mind the London Marathon and the Great North Run, most Brits are f**king lazy bastards, who like nothing more than to pig out on unhealthy snacks while curled up in front of a television set while watching sports. In fact the most athletic thing I’ve done all year was to carry a flat screen TV from the car to the lounge!

In all seriousness folks, full kit for most sports costs a small fortune, and facilities are often poor. Hundreds of youth clubs have had their fundings cut or erased over the last decade, thus many youth clubs have closed. To be any good at sports, particularly athletics and swimming, one must have taken it up very young. If hundreds of thousands of people suddenly took up a sport without proper supervision, why hospitals up and down the country would be inundated with patients suffering sports injuries. Furthermore, since London Mayor Boris Johnson ‘plugged’ cycling, dozens of people have died on central London roads. Sport is best left to…sportsmen and sports women! In conclusion, Britain’s obesity crisis is under no threat! Shit, I thought I heard someone open a crisp packet? I MUST GO NOW!


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