begging dog

In order to dissuade the long-term unemployed from signing on, under new cost-cutting plans the Government will insist those of us who are workshy must sign-on one a week instead of once a fortnight, which has been the norm! If that doesn’t force the workshy to get jobs, the once a week ‘sign-on’ will be increased to once a day. If that doesn’t work, well, the ‘committed’ unemployed will have to buy sleeping bags and doss at their local job centres! Unfortunately, being committed to long-term unemployment on ethical and moral grounds in the present cost-cutting environment, is no longer considered a career move by some! Our ‘democratic’ government would rather the unemployed begged for scraps in the street so that our trigger-happy police officers armed with high-voltage Taser guns will have live targets to practice on! Presumably, in the very near future there will be many more high street charging points for Taser guns than for electric vehicles? So the next time you drunkenly ‘twerk’ at a police officer, you’ll know what your going to get…150,000 ‘buttock’ volts!


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